Learn the Command Line, Supercharge Your Productivity

A guided course on the command line with a focus on software development workflows.

No previous experience required. Episodes apply to macOS and Linux.

Never get lost again

Discover tools and techniques to always find your way in the command line

See how tools like apropos and tldr can help you find the right tool at the right time. Even offline, and without Google!

Automate all the things

Take the repetitive tasks off your plate

Become a superhero at aliases, scripts, key bindings, and more to automate tasks.

  • Development

    Use vim to develop at the speed of light.

  • Testing

    Run your tests with few simple key strokes to shorten the feedback loop.

  • Deployment

    Deploy with confidence knowing you didn’t forget a step.

Stop banging your head against the wall when you make a mistake

Master shortcuts like !!, !^, !*, !$, !?keyword?, !, and !N to fix mistakes quickly

We'll even cover a tool called fuck which auto-corrects typos!

Merge the old with the new

Integrate your command line flow into modern tools

Learn how to send notifications to your phone, communicate with team members on Slack, communicate with API's, and more. All without leaving the terminal.

Have it your way

Customize your terminal look and feel until it's perfect for you

Learn how to use and customize off-the-shelf themes to turn your terminal into your favorite place.

Cut through the noise

Learn through a structured course that focuses on what developers need most

Skip worrying about reading manuals and digging through the interwebs for what commands to run. Learn command line tools that will supercharge your workflow.

The cherry on top

Discover ligature fonts, cheat sheets, directory monitors, gems, and more!

We'll cover tools and techniques that have real-world applications you can use today.

Take it "to go"

Setup your mobile device to securely SSH into your desktop or laptop

Use tools like Termius to use your new command line setup from anywhere.

Learn how the command line can make your life easier

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